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  • Tax Planning & Structuring

    With our help we can ensure that you have the correct Tax Structure or Advice to suit your individual circumstances and optimise opportunities from your Business, Profession or Job.

  • GST & BAS assistance

    The area of Goods & Services Tax (‘GST’) and Business Activity Statement (‘BAS’) preparation is fraught with hidden dangers. Allow us to guide you through this area, assist in making you self sufficient if you desire, or find an accredited BAS Agent to act on your behalf.

  • Business Start ups – Trusts, Companies and Sole Traders

    If you are contemplating commencing or taking over a new Business please don't until you have sought professional advice. We can advise on the best structure to use ensuring asset protection and taxation efficiency.

  • Cash Flow Forecasting

    Cash Flow Planning is one of the most underestimated essentials and lack of planning has seen a large number of businesses fail. Part of running a Business or starting a Business is to ensure that business debts, creditors, wages & salaries etc can be paid on time. Cash Flows may also be used to plan asset purchases, payment of dividends etc. It is essential that proper planning is undertaken with Cash Flow Management. This also applies at a personal level and can be of great assistance in day to day life.

  • Budgeting and Financial Modelling

    This area of expertise is akin to Cash Flow Planning but are more often used in the following ways:
          1. Budgets and Financial Models are set up to view the feasibility of certain commercial transactions.
          2. 'What if' scenarios may be run to compare and analyse different alternatives or possibilities.

  • Taxation Services and Advice

    During our working and business lives and beyond we are confronted with a myriad of taxation affected events. All too often our advice is sought after the event and usually therefore too late. As a Pritchard Lees Client we are only a phone call away. We encourage our Clients to contact us at or before the time of an event to ensure they receive the best advice and best result possible.  You will also find that we proactively notify and warn you of changes that may affect you to ensure you are able to maximise opportunities and eliminate adverse affect.

  • Business Valuations / Business Sales / Business Purchases

    Do you want to Sell a Business, Purchase a Business, or maximise the Profitability and Value of your existing Business? Make sure you don’t pay too much or accept too little!! We can assist with Valuations, Analysis, Bench Marking and Financial Modelling to help optimise your position.

  • Bookkeeping & Accounting Services

    Many people in business do not have the time and / or desire to write up and record their own books of accounts. We have access to all popular accounting packages and can assist in ensuring that your books are up to date and that your BAS and Taxation lodgement obligations are met. In the interests of ensuring your record keeping costs are kept to a minimum we can refer you to a Bookkeeper or BAS Agent as appropriate. Please see separate overview "Cloud Accounting - XERO".

  • Cloud Accounting - XERO

    What is ‘Cloud Accounting’ and how does it work?
    Cloud Accounting is accounting software delivered to you through the Internet. It offers a number of distinct advantages over traditional desktop software such as reducing time spent entering daily transactions and better functionality. The best feature is that you can securely access your records from any computer anywhere in the world.
    XERO accounting software takes on the demands of Cloud Accounting with ease. With XERO being completely online and compatible with smart phones, you can keep tabs of business finances wherever you go. We also find XERO a breeze to use and think you will like it too.
    As a XERO accredited partner, we can help you get started and continue to support you when needed.
    To see XERO for yourself, please click here Xero Online Accounting Software

  • Succession Planning

    Often underestimated or left too late is the need to plan for your exit from a business. Timely and proper planning can make a huge difference to your ability to retire in part or in full and / or the quality of your retirement. Let us guide you through proven strategies to achieve your goals.

  • Estate Planning

    How many of us do not have a Will or at best a very old Will. There are powerful opportunities to protect your assets from unwanted in laws, creditors, and to ensure minimum taxation is payable by your beneficiaries. We begin with a review of your whole situation and often suggest actions that can be taken now to assist with your long term wishes. All advice is offered in liaison with your Solicitor.

  • Capital Gains Tax Planning & Structuring

    This area of taxation law offers some of the greatest benefits but also some dangerous traps for the unwary. There are marvellous exemptions for small business and the 50% discount can take the skin out of many transactions. If your affairs are not properly arranged however all these opportunities can be missed.

  • Superannuation Planning & Services

    We all want to create as big a Nest Egg as possible to provide a comfortable Retirement. There are many tax incentives and strategies in this area so quality advice is essential. Oddly as accountants the Law does not permit us to advise on Investments and Superannuation. We can however help guide you to tried and trusted experts that form part of our network. We will be at your side to ensure you understand and take full advantages of the opportunities put before you.

  • Company Secretarial Services

    We offer a comprehensive Company Secretarial Service covering all your dealings with the Australian Securities & Investments Commission (’ASIC’). Changes of Directors, Shareholders, Addresses, Transfers and Allotments of Shares, Annual Company Statements, Minutes and Resolutions etc are all handled with a minimum of fuss. Penalties for late lodgement of documents and changes are very common in this area. We can eliminate this danger.

  • Financing and Loan Applications

    Is it easy to lodge a loan application? Only for the unwary!!  The way you present your application and information to a Bank or Lender has a critical impact on your chances of success. We have years of experience in presenting applications to Lenders in the form that they understand. Couple that with our use of selected Finance Brokers and your probability of success is greatly magnified.  There are many situations where your current arrangement can be refinanced at no cost and at the same time save you significant interest. Please do not hesitate to contact us when considering a loan or refinance.

  • Auditing & Forensic Services

    An Audit of your business activities may be desirable or necessary for a number of reasons including:
          1. A requirement of your Bank or Business Partner
          2. To provide increased credibility to your Bank, Investors or Creditors
          3. Company Law requirements
          4. To provide a review of the strengths and weaknesses of your business systems
          5. Protection against fraud
    Broadly speaking Forensic Services are an off shoot of Auditing Services. They are often required for the following reasons: -
          1. In Separation and Divorce cases
          2. In Business Dissolution cases
          3. To investigate fraud or suspected fraud
          4. To investigate unusual fluctuations in business results

  • Are you protected against the ramifications of increasing audit activity? If not, you need our Audit Shield Service!

    Audit Shield is a comprehensive tax audit insurance product which covers the professional fees incurred as a result of an official audit, enquiry, investigation or review instigated by teh Australian Taxation Office (ATO) and other federal, state and territory based agencies. 

    A claim can be lodged for the professional fees normally charged for responding on behalf of clients to any eligible query from the ATO or State Based Authority (e.g. State Revenue Office, WorkCover Authority) which is authorised to conduct audits. There is no excess on the policy. 

    The following official audits, enquiries, investigations and reviews are covered by Audit Shield: 

     • Income, Land and Payroll Tax  

     • Business Activity Statements (BAS) / Goods and Services Tax (GST) Compliance  

     • Workers Compensation / WorkCover  

     • Superannuation Guarantee Compliance  

     • Self-Managed Superannuation Funds  

     • Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT)  

     • Record Keeping  

     • Plus much more! 


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